Bookmark-Manager 4.0

A comprehensive tool to organize and manage all your Internet bookmarks
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There is an “old” Bookmark Manager, and a “new” one. The new project, pyBKM, is a cross-platform rendition of the tool being reviewed, and it is still in its early stages. Both are developed within the same open source project, and both share the same philosophy – if you store a huge number of bookmarks in your web browser, you already know how limited these browsers are when it comes to updating, cataloging, classifying, synchronizing, and checking the validity of, let us say, hundreds of bookmarks.

With Bookmark Manager, the lame options that your browser’s bookmarks manager offers you pale in comparison. This comprehensive tool allows you to add loads of extra information to each of your valuable bookmarks, organize them in customized databases, keep them active and updated, and get rid of all the useless links that pile up on your favorites page every week. You can access the full list of your bookmarks just by right-clicking on the icon that sits in your taskbar, even if your browser is not active. This is no very different from any pull-down list of bookmarks, but from here you can also have direct access to the main functions of the program’s main interface. You can create a new database at any time, and then add new bookmarks with more than just a by-default title – rate the bookmark, give it a description, add keywords, define a specific browser for that bookmark, add a nickname to it, and save it in the folder of your choice using the tree structure always present in the program’s interface. Of course, you can check if an old link is dead or not, and you can share your bookmarks easily with anyone by sending them via e-mail.

The program's extra functionality is equally attractive. You can locate a specific bookmark by searching for any word, in any field. You can double-check the integrity of a link or the existence of possible doublets. Besides, you may want to know which documents have changed in the last X days, and visit those links to see what is new. Of course, you can synchronize your Bookmark Manager with any new/old list of bookmarks, or with the list currently stored in your browser.

Finally, you can upload your bookmark folders to an FTP server and access any of them at any time, from anywhere using an FTP client.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Full search functionality
  • FTP access to your bookmark databases
  • You can add loads of extra information to your bookmarks


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